arin is the prettiest princess (x)

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dragonstars asked: hiya!!! first off your art is really nice i really like it you have a very lovely style!! second of all i agree with you so much on your arin posts and the email posts and i just came to say i hope you are having a lovely day!!

hi!! tysm i hope u have a great week and find $20 on the ground!

Anonymous asked: This is late but were you extremely excited when Game Grumps featured your art on their instagram ???

yes!!! i nearly shit my pants. and out of anything they couldve picked its the one of arin in a dress. nailed it

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Anonymous asked: Oh goodness, I'm sorry for upsetting you! I feel extremely upset myself at the original emailer/poster - why should Arin talk about something personal on a public platform? I don't understand why the emailer has felt like it is their RIGHT to know what his sexuality is? they've never met him - let alone be friends with him, in addition I feel like by posting the emails without his permission has really put him in an incredibly uncomfortable position, I would love to hear your thoughts too!

no you didnt upset me !! i tried not to come off as mad or anything but its hard through text rgh.

but ughh dont even get me started….

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Anonymous asked: In regards to the email thing - are you angry at Arin? or the user who sent the email? tbh, I'm angry at the user, since they're invading his privacy - he chooses to not talk about his sexuality openly online - but others doe, its his choice, his sexuality so why should he be pestered/shamed for not telling a complete stranger what her prefers?

god no im not mad at arin??? sorry to come off sassy but did you read any of my posts from earlier? i was furious at the user for exactly the reasons youve listed (which is just the tip of the iceberg of my thoughts/feelings on it all)

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Anonymous asked: I think I missed the link for the queer email thing.

okay no worries, here it is again

depending on how new/familiar with gg you are it could be a big mess to read anyway i think, so let me know if you still want me to explain junk

Anonymous asked: I'm a recent fan of game grumps so I'm not sure what the queer email thing was about. Can you please explain it?

sure but, did you miss where i linked to it, or do you mean you did see it but are too new to fully understand the situation and want me to fill you in?

tumblruser abbysucks really lives up to the url

accidentally hitting ctrl+z to go back a page on your browser #littleartistthings

Anonymous asked: Sockle i am still super crush at u and i wish i had the courage to come off anon but alas i am megadork

NO RGHHDFG WHERE HAVE U GUYS BEEN COMING FROM AND HIDING AT…….HMU i want to be ur friend!!!! i am The megadongle so u shouldnt be afraid just dewit

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do any of u guys play dragons world…..i literally just like…got an ad for it on yt the other day and checked it out out of boredom and now im like, invested in my bab drags

Anonymous asked: can i ask what the queer email whatevber fiasco thing is....

a lot of ppl are asking so ill just link this reddit post about it lol….

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i think its also bc like…..ive always really related to and admired how arin presents himself with sexuality and heteronormativity and i’ve dealt with a ton of situations like that with people badgering me about that shit so it felt like really personal to me kdjfgd

Anonymous asked: dude same tho i've been mad about that whole email thing since it happened i thought i was the only one who couldnt get over it

I LITERALLY LIKE…..it made me like so fucking mad for literal days straight and ill still just remember it some days and be like im mad now